A photography inspired by territories. 

Territories are filled with everything that can be photographed.     From an attraction for geography and explorations came out creativity. Basile Doise made his first photo project with the border for thematic witch gave him the opportunity to make his first public exhibition. A line, a region, a path, into his work Basile experiment powerful colors and I try to get closer to humans over the photos he take.

Now in Switzerland thinking to continue with a master degree at ENSP Arles in France next year. Going further, Ritch and refine his work.

Beyond photography, video experiments complete his creations.

curriculum vitae


1997, Armentières, France


2018-2021 Bachelor Photography & Video Ecole Supérieur des Arts Saint-Luc, Tournai, Belgium


Brésil, Final exhibition, ESA Saint-Luc, Tournai, Belgium 2021

Frontière, association ar[t]ches, Sciences-Po Lille, France 2019


Basile Doise

Bailleul, France 

+33 6 69 78 36 75



BAILLEUL |  FRANCE  |   PHONE +33 6 69 78 36 75